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Hong Kong: 86th Floor, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Phone: +852 3960 6348

Consulting Services

  • Planning & Assessment

    Many plants and facilities struggle with CMMS / EAM systems that have not been properly implemented and therefore don’t provide the asset management structure needed to support best practices in operation, maintenance and materials management.
    We can help you identify the problem areas and recommend actions that will help you create an asset management strategy that supports corporate financial objectives
    We will work with you to identify gaps in your CMMS or EAM that prevent you from fully leveraging your system’s capabilities. We will also provide an action plan and milestones along with the level of effort required to close these gaps.
    - Review current operation business processes and workflows and compare these to best practices for the various functions
    - Review the functional requirements and other implementation documentation and system configuration to determine support of corporate objectives while reviewing the general quality, structure and data in the system
    - Observe use of the system by various roles within the organization to determine effectiveness of and familiarization with established standard operating procedures and to determine the level at which system usage disciplines are followed.

  • Design & Implementation

    Lack of an effective EAM / ERP system can undermine a reliability and maintenance program. If you are looking for an experienced partner, we can guide you through the design, selection, implementation and configuration of an effective EAM / ERP system to help you anticipate and overcome many of the obstacles that surface during an implementation project.
    Design: We will assess, evaluate and recommend improvements to the system design that will fully meet the functional specification requirements.
    Selection: We will advise you on how to select the system that best meets the specified requirements.
    Implementation: Implementing a new asset management system requires coordinating a lot of moving parts – integrating workflows, business processes, resource requirements and module mapping.
    Configuration: We will help configure the asset management system, helping to ensure that learning and using the system is as user-friendly as possible.

  • Commissioning

    Once all technical activity is completed, it is time to test, verify, and validate the new system in a controlled test environment. Integrated system testing verifies all software and hardware is functioning properly throughout the enterprise.

    User acceptance testing validates the functional use of new system processes and data, including the business rules, software configuration, and interfaces. Test plans and scripts can be developed from the new system process flows, and each process scenario should be tested in excruciating detail.

    The third major test is critical to optimizing system performance. Load testing simulates a large number of concurrent system users so that performance tuning can occur before go-live. We support and provide automated tools which greatly simplify load testing and stress testing of the new applications.

    SupportWe provide application maintenance and support to minimise service disruption and to facilitate operations. We will investigate problems, diagnose root causes, and provide swift resolutions. We will also ensure that all systems comply with relevant standards and regulations, as well as the latest relevant releases.

    Where applicable, we will identify known errors and problem trends and find permanent solutions.