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Hong Kong: 86th Floor, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
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Technology and Tools

There is no such thing as a single solution for all your challenges. In today's complex business environment, your technology toolkit needs to contain all the tools fit for the job.
The following collection of tools will help the asset organisation acheive their goals.

  • IBM Maximo

    Enterprise Asset Management



    Across almost every asset-intensive industry (such as oil and gas, manufacturing or transportation), organizations are challenged with how to maximize the value of assets throughout their lifecycle. In fact, in a recent survey of asset managers worldwide, more than 75 percent of respondents cited system reliability as the fundamental reason to invest in enterprise asset management.
    Core capabilities include- Work Management- Asset management- Inventory Management 

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    Enterprise Asset Management - Cloud



    MaxiCloud offers a complete asset management solution for your industry. Pre-packaged with base data, industry enhancements and configurations, MaxiCloud removes the time and cost of setting up a world class Maximo system.

    With all services, support, improvements and innovations fully managed by BPD Zenith, you can consolidate your IT resources to improve efficiency, focus on core competencies and reduce ongoing costs.

    Hosted in the cloud, the MaxiCloud solution remains relevant in a changing environment with inclusive Maximo upgrades, fixes and flexible subscription licensing.

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    IBM Maximo Testing 



    MaxTAF is a trouble-free solution for effective test automation. MaxTAF is designed to maximise the two most critical aspects of successful test automation; high productivity (low effort in test creation) and high maintainability (low effort in test maintenance).

    To engage every member of your team, MaxTAF offers different ways of creating and maintaining tests; Record & Play for business users, friendly XML scripting for techies and powerful Java/JUnit enhancements for programmers.

    Your tests can be run on demand, but you can also group them into suites and schedule them to run overnight. When you get to work in the morning, MaxTAF will give you detail information of any failures that may have occurred.

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    Common Data Environment



    Software for Lifecycle Building Information Models (BIM): from design & construction to operation & maintenance.

    - Delivering As-Built BIM for FM and COBie 
    - Implemention tool for best practices from the leading facility owners- Rich with BIM / FM / COBie features 

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    BIM Validation / Digital Twin


    BIM Assure

    Invicara unlocks BIM with BIM Assure – collaborative, cloud-based software that helps owners and project teams work together to create complete, reliable model data.
    Digital TwinBuildings produce a lot of information at every stage of their lifecycle. The information ends up in disconnected file systems and databases. Accessing the right information when you need it remains the single biggest challenge to reduce cost and risk and increase efficiency and comfort.

    What if you could have a Digital Twin of your building that allows you to integrate all of your building information into one database that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime? What if it could be updated to reflect changes as they happen?